We want you in the video for new single 'Grateful'

We want you in the video for new single 'Grateful'

Lovers! The first single from the new record will be released early December. The song is called 'Grateful' and features the Tennessean Tornado that is McCrary Sisters, I cannot explain to you how excited I am to share it with you.

I wrote it for a variety of reasons but, in the main, I wrote it for you. As song has never come easier and simply fell out of the piano over a 24 hour spell in the studio.

Here's where you come in. I'd want you to BE IN THE VIDEO!

Have a think about gratitude means to you. I'd like you to capture 5-10 seconds of you demonstrating where in your life you're ‪#‎grateful‬. It could be with your partner, with your child, in your favourite place. It is entirely up to you.

Record it on your phone, the more lo-fi the better, this is not about professional camera work. This is your song and want it to be a celebration of life, our lives, yours and mine.

The deadline for submission is 20th September but the sooner the better. From Durban to Auchendinny, get involved with the project, it's going to be wonderful.

Email your videos over to my management at ronachansongs@aol.co.uk

Thank you.


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