'True Ways Of Knowing' Single

'True Ways Of Knowing' Single

To coincide with Blue Rose Code's Autumn tour with Danny Thompson, a second single 'True Ways Of Knowing' will be available, limited edition, signed and hand numbered from Bandcamp.

The new single from the second Blue Rose Code album 'The Ballads Of Peckham Rye' is released 22nd September 2014.

Pre-order your copy NOW and receive and immediate DDL of a special NEW live version of Robert Burns' 'The Learig'.

The song 'True Ways Of Knowing' is a musical reworking of Edinburgh poet, Norman MacCaig's work of the same name. 

True Ways of Knowing By Norman Maccaig
Not an ounce excessive, not an inch too little,
Our easy reciprocations. You let me know
The way a boat would feel, if it could feel,
The intimate support of water.
The news you bring me has been news forever,
So that I understand what a stone would say
If only a stone could speak. Is it sad a grassblade
Can’t know how it is lovely?
It is said that you can’t know, except by hearsay
(My gossiping failing words) that you are the way
A water is that can clench its palm and crumple
A boat’s confiding timbers?
But that’s excessive, and too little. Knowing
The way a circle would describe its roundness,
We touch two selves and feel, complete and gentle,
The intimate support of being.
The way that flight would feel a bird flying
(If it could feel) is the way a space that’s in
A stone that’s in a water would know itself
If it had our way of knowing.

Also featuring on the single are two very special new live versions of 'Where The Westlin' Winds Do Carry Me' and 'The Last Days Of May feat. Hiatus and dark Floyd-esque remix of 'The Light Of You' by The Willow.

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